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Powell’s on June 30

Posted on Jun 26th, 2011.

The Northwest is home to a lot of great bookstores, and I've had the pleasure of visiting four of them in the past weeks. A special thanks to everyone who joined me.

Third Street Books in McMinnville was a special treat. It's a wonderful store and a great place for my first solo event. Iron Legs Burk, my freight-riding friend, showed up to surprise me. Ears Two of Segerfile fame was there as well. There were decades of history in the room, along with new friends. And I made some charts and graphs to explain why Wire to Wire isn't really a crime novel, but an homage to one. 

Elliott Bay Books, the next stop, is now on Capitol Hill -- right next to the Comet Tavern, where I spent many evenings and a morning or two when I lived in Seattle. Writers from the Wet Dog and Touchstone writers groups came by. In effect, those two groups were my MFA program as I began Wire to Wire.

Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park was new to me. It's a fabulous store, made even better by old friends from Antioch College and Seattle. We closed the place down, then stood in the parking lot talking until the police cruised by.

And Village Books in the Fairhaven section of Bellingham is an amazing place -- especially when you stay a block away at Fairhaven Village Inn, where they also love books and authors. Before and after, I traded stories of freights, writing, and Puget Sound with a friend from my Seattle days.

Next up is Powell's -- Thursday, June 30, 7:30. The City of Books is a highlight of any book tour. When you live in Portland, it's also the place you dream about. Come join me if you can. 










Play some Live Bullet: The Wire to Wire tour continues in Michigan in July. "I've Been Working."