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Swimming in the Big Lake

Posted on May 30th, 2012

Part two of the Michigan W2W tour starts soon. This time Zane will be with me – my son's 19, yet somehow I’ve convinced him to spend 8 days on the road with me in my home state.

We’ll visit libraries in Warren, Howard City, Curtis, and Sault Ste. Marie. When we’re not talking about Wire to Wire, Bob Seger, freight trains, or anything else that’s on your mind, we’ll be taking it easy, taking any comfort we can find. If you’re from Michigan, you know what song that’s from. And if you don’t, come out and see us and all will be revealed.

Zane hasn’t been to Michigan since he was 4, so it’s also a chance for me to show him where I grew up, near the tracks outside Jackson, Michigan.

We’ll also stop in Frankfort, which I call Wolverine in Wire to Wire. And we’ll go to the real town of Wolverine, which I call Wolvertucky in the book I’m working on now. Sure, it’s confusing, but fiction was never meant to be pretty. Or maybe it was. I’d be the wrong person to ask.


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The W2W tour will stop at libraries in Warren on June 6, Howard City on June 7, Curtis on June 11, and Sault Ste. Marie on June 12.


I’m especially looking forward to reading in village of Curtis – deep in Hemingway country in the Upper Peninsula. For reasons unclear to me, the library specifically requested that I read there, and folks are rolling out the red carpet: June 11 has been declared "Train Day in Curtis." Local restaurants will serve "train wrecks" and "hobo specials.” The Community Building will feature a Train Day Show and Tell. Railroad buffs are setting up a model railroad in the library. All because someone is coming 2,000 miles to talk about a book.

June 11 has been declared "Train Day in Curtis."

Also on the sightseeing itinerary: Muskegon, Petoskey, Mackinac Island and everything else I can jam into 8 long days in the Wolverine State.

So come out and say hi. It’ll be my last trip to Michigan this year…unless Seger finishes that album and starts rocking Detroit. Until then, see you on the road. Dates and details are on the map.

"Didn't need the real truth, didn't need the meaning..." Just my son Zane, my wife Harriet and the Big Lake on one never-ending summer day near Leland, Michigan. When you're saying something to me and it looks like I'm not listening...this is where I am. 
Soundtrack for a Michigan road trip: Bob Seger's "Brave Strangers"