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From the Book

Some photos and images that relate to various people, places, and events in Wire to Wire. Click to see larger.

Northern Michigan


The boxcar images on the other pages of this site were taken in Walla Walla, Washington, and Hillsboro, Oregon. Here are some others from Michigan and elsewhere.

Michigan Notable Book Award

Trains, Michigan music, and Wire to Wire.

Wire to Wire - The Trailer

Tin House editor Tony Perez hands me the first copy of the book. When I open it, things get weird.

Wire to Wire Trailer from Juliet Zulu on Vimeo.


To share a sense of Michigan and the 1970's, here's this: Late in the book, Slater is driving and trying to make a decision when the radio plays 2 + 2 = ?, a song by Bob Seger. Hearing the song fills Slater with a sense of determination and leads him toward the action at the end of the novel. The song isn't named in the text, but the first line is quoted.

2 + 2 = ? was released as a single on Capitol Records in January 1968 and has often been called the first antiwar rock song of the Vietnam era. (The story goes that Capitol withdrew the single as soon as they figured out what it was about.) If you know of an earlier rock antiwar song, let me know.

(2 + 2 = ? was written by Bob Seger and copyrighted by Gear Publishing. The video below was created and posted to YouTube by an independent YouTube user.)